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The best selection of scratch and dent products at exceptionally low prices since 1994

The best kept secret of Baltimore. We are located right in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore. We offer everything from grocery items, kitchen equipment, furniture, electronics, and more! Our products are brand new, just in slightly damaged (scratched or dented) packaging.People often describe us like a smaller, and much cheaper version of Costco or BJ’s.

Scratch & Dent Liquidators

Every day low prices

We have a huge selection of non perishable food items, kitchen equipment, electronics, and more at huge discounts. We have new products every week and offer both a weekly sale and 2 day blowout sale.

Fells Point, Baltimore

412 S Bdwy Baltimore, MD 21231


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Our new eCommerce store allows you to shop online from the comfort of your own home without missing out on our amazing deals in store. You can even buy right from our social media pages.

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Bargain hunters, you need to go here. We stumbled across the store while walking around Fell's Point before lunch. There is a main floor with everything - kitchen equipment, food items, furniture, beauty items (like flatirons, electric curlers), etc. All marked down. We were here Saturday, which was a basement deal day, I guess. So we were able to check out their sale items there, and there was some good stuff. I had to use all my willpower to not walk out of there with stuff. It's a no-frills store, but organized. I recommend it to all bargain hunters, thrift store shoppers, and the like (my people) if you are in Baltimore.
Jeannette L.
This place is amazing when you 1st pull up you must adjust to the storefront it looks shady and like it could be infested. The products in the window are very cluttered & disorganized and is very misleading to the valuable products and treasures that can be found inside! I recently stopped by this store to find a couch maybe but what I found was the shark rocket duo clean, two plush carpets and which on the shark website its value is $200 plus shipping and handling plus a warranty inside the store it was Box brand new. It's an amazing product and it works wonderfully the other items that I saw as I was strolling through this maze of a store weight equipment, rugs, kayaks, vaults, fire pits, gazebos, lights, jewlery, sinks batteries, tissue, all bulk and deeply discounted prices. This place is like a Wal-Mart anything for the most part that you can think of you will find here beauty products, cameras,ink so much more!
Jamie G.
Great place for amazing savings and in my experience all the staff I encountered were friendly, patient, knowledgable, and very kind. Was just introduced to the store and have been there twice in one week. Will make it apart of my weekly errand to visit the store. It's 99.9999% impossible to walk out empty handed even if you visited the store 2-3 days ago.. Take a look and I guarantee you'll be back... LOVE THIS STORE--and need more like it!
Charla H.
There's something to be said about this place if I actually created a yelp listing to review it. Its none of my business. Literally. This is one of the best kept secrets in Bmore. So much so that I'm quite hesitant to write this review. If you love Costco and Sams Club, think of Scratch and Dent as a smaller, cheaper version- with no membership fees but slightly rough around the edges. They carry overstocked merchandise, floor models, and products in well.. scratched and dented boxes. 95% of the time, the only thing that's wrong with the product is a dented box.
Melody T.
I just learned about this place from a few locals who frequent the store. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! If you're into finding good deal, bargains, love garage sales, and comfortable with open box items... you will love this store. They have weekly discounts for various items where they take off an additional 50% from an ALREADY marked down price. Had I know about this place when first coming to Baltimore, I'd be here every week... I found 2 Zorijushi Rice cookers - NEW for a ridiculous price... I'm hesitant to share this as well.. but I'm all for supporting local businesses. Don't mind the rough exterior.. and interior... it's an awesome store!
Justin S.
This place is awesome! You can find so much great stuff for much less than the regular price. I typically get cereal, granola bars, mac & cheese, and other food/snacks here - the packaging is dented but the food inside is always perfectly fine. They also have great deals on the stuff they keep on the second floor. Last time I went I got some really cheap potting soil, pots, and a garden hose. Staff is very helpful too!
Emily S.

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